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Clergy Men
Level One - The Pope
Level Two - Archbishops
Level Three - Bishops
Level Four - Priests
Level Five - Deacons
Level Six - Jesuits
Level Seven - Parishioners

Level Two - Archbishops


1. A bishop of the highest rank who presides over an archbishopric or archdiocese.

“A hard line U.S. Roman catholic archbishop is urging ministers to deny Holy Communion to politicians who support abortion rights, arguing that it’s a ‘mortal sin’ to offer the sacrament to the ‘unworthy’”.

“The (archbishop’s) concern is not a political concern”

“If Burke is calling on communion ministers to disobey their bishops and deny communion to Catholic politicians, it would be ‘revolutionary’ and ‘encourage anarchy’”.

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis encouraged ministers of holy communion to deny the sacrament to anyone who supports abortion rights. This is an abuse of his power. To encourage parishioners to support pro life causes is one thing, but to declare it a moral sin and deny then communion is another. The archbishop is in the second layer of hell. In this layer food will be denied to him. He will not be able to eat, just as some parishioners are not able to eat the bread of the Lord.