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Clergy Men
Level One - The Pope
Level Two - Archbishops
Level Three - Bishops
Level Four - Priests
Level Five - Deacons
Level Six - Jesuits
Level Seven - Parishioners

Level Five - Deacons


1. A member of the clerical order next below that of a priest.


“When a baptized Catholic formally joins another Christian Denomination, this is called heresy, defined in Canon 751 as “the obstinate denial or doubt, after baptism, of a truth that must be believed by divine and catholic faith.”

This quote is referring to a man who was Catholic, then left the church and now wants to return to become a deacon. This deacon to be committed to crime of heresy. He belongs on the fifth level of hell. On this level his family will leave him over and over one day at a time. They will deny him in their lives, just as he did to God‘s church.