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Clergy Men
Level One - The Pope
Level Two - Archbishops
Level Three - Bishops
Level Four - Priests
Level Five - Deacons
Level Six - Jesuits
Level Seven - Parishioners



1. Transgression of divine law

2. Any act regarded as such a transgression, esp. a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.

3. Any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc.; a great fault or offense

Sin is something every living being commits at one point or another. To believe in hell in the sense that if you sin you will be in hell for eternal life is wrong. If a person believes this there is no heaven. I believe in a forgiving God. I am Catholic and my faith is a big part of my life. Part of that life is trusting in God and accepting the fact that sin is everywhere. Yes, it is our job to deny as much as we can of it, but to completely deny all of it is unreal. The examples shown say it all. It shows us that even the most holy people on this earth also sin. This is why I chose to portray the levels of hell by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.  It shows even someone who has given their life to God sins against him.  God will not deny someone from heaven because they sinned once in their life. This is why as a Catholic I go to confession, I am not perfect and need forgiving. God is a forgiving God and he will not deny someone for one action.

The levels of hell start off small and get larger as the levels get deeper. This is because the majority of people sin a great deal. More often then not people have been committing sin sense the day they knew what it was. Very few people would belong on the first level.

We are all sinners. We are not going to hell.