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Clergy Men
Level One - The Pope
Level Two - Archbishops
Level Three - Bishops
Level Four - Priests
Level Five - Deacons
Level Six - Jesuits
Level Seven - Parishioners

Level One - The Pope


1. The bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church.

2. A bishop.

The Pope is a man most people look up to and see as a very holy man. He is a man that leads by example and is good at what he does. However, the path of his afterlife may not be as he planed it.

The first Pope and the founder of the Roman Catholic Church is Saint Peter. Peter did many wonderful things during his life, but these things will not help him on his journey to heaven. Peter denied Jesus three times. He was very blunt about it and he is aware of the sin he committed.

Another Pope that belongs in hell is the Pope in reign during the crusades. This man gave the approval for many horrid things to happen. He agreed to what was going on and got the ball rolling. Isn’t it just as much of a sin to stand and watch as it is to be committing the crime? I think the answer is yes.

These men who served in a holy position as a leader both belong on the first layer of hell. This layer contains the fewest amount of sinners. It is for all those who have given their entire life to God, yet still bring hardship upon themselves. This is the layer of the Popes. On this layer the men will be in constant pain and will continually be looked past by others. The others will not help them, but deny them, they will stand and watch a crime happen.