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Clergy Men
Level One - The Pope
Level Two - Archbishops
Level Three - Bishops
Level Four - Priests
Level Five - Deacons
Level Six - Jesuits
Level Seven - Parishioners

Level Four - Priests


1. A person whose office it is to perform religious rites, and esp. to make sacrificial offerings.

2. (in Christian use)

a. A person ordained to the sacerdotal or pastoral office; a member of the clergy; minister.

b. (in hierarchical churches) am member of the clergy of the order next below that of bishop, authorized to carry out the Christian ministry.

3. A minister of any religion.


"Chaplains have access to church facilities as well as public ones. Molesting priests have often invited a young boy for weekend trips, "sleep-overs" at the rectory and similar outings, which might otherwise be forbidden or would normally raise parental suspicions. Parents may be flattered when a "man of God" spends a great deal of time alone with their child."

Over the last few years there has been a growing number of sexual harassment scandals with priests in the leading role. These men go against their oath to God, and commit a major sin. These men have sinned against themselves, against the victims and against God. They will now pay for that by being in the fourth level of hell. On this level the men will be the victims of this crime. It will never end, continuously being sexually harassed.